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TNR Works - Testimonials

Judy K. Taken care colony since 2002. TNR works. Healthier cats, less kittens. 

Patty S. I'd found 5 kittens whose mother had abandoned (they were about 4 weeks and had 4 of them TNR'ed (1 escaped my bathroom through the window). It has resulted in less feral kittens being born in the woods by us.

Marjory L. My bff rescued a young mom and her 4 kittens death, rancher whose barn they were in said he was going to shot them all, she found homes for the babies, kept the mom who became totally domesticated within a year, her name was mommom, she passed early this yr, lived a long and good life on my bff's ranch

Kimberly L., Pennsylvania:  I started taking care of a colony about 2 yrs ago. There are two of us who feed daily about 21 cats. Many years ago there were about three times this, but most were spayed/neutered by a dedicated group of volunteers after the original owner of the property passed away. He raised cows and just had tons of cats there. He was apparently a very nice man and that is evident as most of the cats have lovely demeanors. Some were adopted out. Since I came along, I had the rest TNR’d.

Linda F., New York:  TNR’d five cats on my property in 2005. Now down to 1 from that original colony.

Dr. Kathleen D., New Jersey:  In East Brunswick the program I instituted for Helmetta,Spotswood, Milltown has been amazingly successful in fact lots of the Cats and kittens have been adopted!

Denise M., California: Read here about the San Jose Feral Freedom Program and the Shelter TNR Return-to-Field Movement.  This is where the country is headed - new shelter management concepts - no more shelter killing - just TNR !! We ARE getting there!

Mandy C.  TNR does work! 4 yrs ago, I moved into an apartment which is considered a "Hot Spot" for abandoned unaltered cats! I met a wonderful lady at our local shelter that started her own non profit assistant program in our county for spay neuter assistance and as a volunteer with her organizations she helped me spay and neuter everything in sight in my apartment complex. Some 20-25 cats and most done with my own funds or pro-bono through the spay/neuter program. The first 2 yrs. I was fostering and rehoming kittens found at the complex and diligently TRN-ing the cats. (Some people where mad at me because their cats got ear clipped... told them to get over it and to keep their unaltered animals inside - Brave? Yes!) The third year... NOTHING! No kittens! All cats -Feral or tame were all altered and I had even expanded outward into the outer surrounding streets and neighborhoods. TNR DOES WORK!!!!!

Rachel G.  I have taken care of cats in three alleys in Washington, DC for nine years. About a quarter of the about 35 cats were TNR’ed when I started. I never did find out who’d gotten those cats done. About 7 years ago, we started trapping the remaining cats. It took about 18 months, but we finally got all of them. We have not had a kitten in 5 years. The colonies are stable and healthy — at least a half dozen cats are at least 11 years old now and one is at least 14.

Ann C.  California: Project Bay Cat is an innovative, successful program that humanely manages a large group of community cats living along San Francisco Bay. Created in 2004 as a collaboration effort between a municipality, Homeless Cat Network and the community, the program balances the humane treatment of the cat population and the needs of the City and users of the levee/pedway that they live beside. When we began the program, there were 174 cats. Today, there are 24. With the help of two wonderful veterinary hospitals that donated their services to spay/neuter and vaccinate the cats, and one incredible veterinarian who provides free ongoing care to the cats, we were able to stabilize the population and ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing of those that remain on the trail.

Shelley D.,  I have TNVR 4 colonies now. I have 5 to go in the 4th one. There have been no kittens in the 1st one for 8 years. There are only 7 cats left there. My sister made a comment this year when she went to visit that this is the first year that she could sit on the swing on the front porch and there were no cats hanging out. I did take one colony out of the area as I TNVR'd the last area and guess what! The Vacuum Affect does exist! It is better to leave well enough alone.

Len T., New Jersey:   In 3 years since Kearny TNR started all colonies with 10 or less are stabilized.

Karen T., Texas:  No kittens in 4 years!!

Jody B.: Our county (Rutherford County, TN -Murfreesboro) is one of the fastest growing counties in the south. We've been experiencing strong results with TNR. So much that our shelter is now getting involved in TNR and I have a community group which responds to Facebook messaging and assists people with DIY TNRs and other things. There is numerous colonies and feeders.

,Diana O., Pennsylvania: Three of us started a TNR program with the assistance of an organization that helped fund the project and guide us in our efforts. We have been, since late 2015, able to spay/neuter 875 plus strays and ferals. We have also been able to place more than 100 kittens and cats from these colonies. Because of this program many of the colonies we helped in the beginning are now coming to us telling us that since they no longer have kittens being born, they have room to provide shelter for a few ferals that have no one to care for them. Working with these colonies has actually formed partnerships that will be an ongoiong resource for kittens and cats that must be moved from an usuitable location. While it is a little success in the big overall picture, we feel it is step in getting the entire community involved in saving the lives of the hidden victims in our society

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