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Rescue On!

“Can you take these adult cats? They keep breeding and I found homes for the kittens but cant do it anymore!”

So you want us to take the leftover hard to adopt adult cats that keep breeding, with multiple behavior issues, while you found homes for the easy to adopt kittens…….. oh the some of the adults are sick too. Hmmm. Let me stop you right there.

When you “find homes for” the kittens and you aren't vetting and fixing them prior to finding homes then guess what happens? Those people call me in a year or two with the same story you are giving me right now. Then in a year or two more, after they have rehomed some unvetted kittens, their friends call me, and their friends, and so on and so forth. All who want the rescues to take the semi sick, unvetted adults while they find homes for the kittens themselves to all their friends and their relatives.

You should NEVER find homes for the kittens. They should all be taken into rescue. A true rescue is one who will not just take the kittens in, but fix every cat in that area. That will truly stop the population from growing. A rescue you should donate to, so they can continue their mission.

If you have kittens or cats that need care and you reach out to a rescue. You don’t get to puts stipulations on the care they are willing to provide. If you reach out to a rescue, don’t PROMISE kittens to your friends. There are NO LIMITS to the cats that COULD be helping. We get dozens of calls per day.

If you give away the kittens, we won’t help you.

If you promise the kittens to someone else, we won’t help you.

If you are rehoming cats, we won’t help you. Our space is reserved for the colony cats outside who have no one. We will instead refer you to Adopt A pet’s private rehome feature on their website.

If you cant find the mom to the kittens, and don’t want to trap her, we wont help you.

If you aren’t willing to pregnant spay the adults, we wont help you. Trust me, you will be asked why you fed the mom daily until she gave birth before reaching out.


As harsh as it may sound, we have 4 people daily willing to agree to those terms, that we don’t even have room, food, or funds to help. This large population exists in the first place because the cats are left to breed, and kittens given away as cute little things…… are never fixed. One million excuses later….. here we are.


As far as human population goes, in our area, there is ONE rescuer per 400 people. That is a best case scenario, in the rural parts it is more like 1 in 1200. The odds of your resolute rescuer being a cat person is less than half that. In there, lives the overflow of your cat rescuers drowning.

When I was a dog rescuer, during kitten season, I always took in a mom and babies to help out.

Always, every year. Raising a litter until adoption isn''t the end of the world. It teaches your dogs and foster dogs to play nice with cats, and vice versa. My cats and kittens were raised around XL dogs and they were always adopted first.

How about some funds? If you cant foster, how about the dog rescuers help a kitten sista out? Have your dog specific rescue sponsor a litter!


Give it to that special cat rescuer you call all the time when you see kittens in your travels.

We all need to start working together because when the cat rescues start saying absolutely not!!!! Or what happens if they all shut down at once? ……..uh oh! But, from what I gather, that is exactly where it is headed.

Rescue On!

Amanda Coats

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