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How It All Began

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Community Cats United, Inc. began in September 2014 as ONE facebook group called Trap-Neuter-Return Community!

Our growth was fast, showing there was truly a need for the type of grassroots connection we built for support, sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience, and helping our community cats!

In May of 2015, we incorporated and received our 501(c)3 IRS non-profit status as Community Cats United, Inc.  To date, we have members in 124 countries across our world including all 50 US states!  We are truly international!

Since then, we have continued to experience continued fast growth of members and have expanded our efforts to provide resources for that. We have built many Facebook groups and pages under the Community Cats United Inc. umbrella including a group for each state, rescue, TNR only, education, special needs cats, deals and steals and much more. 

We also saw a need for an easy way for people to find affordable spay and neuter options locally including for owned dogs/cats and community cats.  Fixfinder was born!  It is a searchable database of affordable options throughout the US. Click to visit the site:

Our newest project is called Proactive Animal Sheltering and it was born from our experience with the exploding population of cats, both owned and community cats.  It is a common-sense approach that is data driven and focuses on humanely reducing over population and shelter/rescue intake through spay/neuter.  It must be all three: owned dogs/cats, community cats and shelter/rescues animals. 

Click to visit the site:  

All in all, it has been an amazing journey.  Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is in use in so many more places than when we started.  Our outreach efforts have had many positive results.  What is next on this journey?  We can't wait!  Join Us!

Strength In Numbers!

Team Humane!

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