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Who is Community Cats United, Inc?

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit working and advocating for our community cats.


In our main group, Trap-Neuter-Return Community, we have over 25,000 members and 1,000 groups in 117 countries and all 50 US states.

What many don't realize is that we are more than just a Facebook group.  Although we began this journey in 2014, we will begin highlighting our work starting with January 2021!  Here are our monthly achivements!

April 2021

-Assited in finding low-cost TNR spay/neuter options and trap-neuter-return (TNR) assistance in 11 states (14 requests) including SC, TX, MN, MI, FL, NJ, NC, UT, IL, MD and PA.

-We were contacted 11 additional times for help. We responded but never heard back.


-We advocate for community cats! This included:

*alerting a humane society in WI to a guy posting on Facebook that he would shoot any cat he saw.

*after listening to a podcast explaining how important it is to reduce shelter intake humanely (we agree!!!), it was troubling that spay/neuter was mentioned only one time in a hald hour show and only in passing. Reached out to the guest (a shelter vet) and the group that hosted the podcast to ask why. No response was received from either. :(

*Reached out to an animal control in OH who decided to address their feral cat issue, they were going to kill any non ear-tipped cat they found. An outcry followed and they are now rethinking this and stopped the kill.


-Connected three shelters in MI with the Best Friends regional director. On-site visits are being made this week. Each shelter is starting TNR too!


-Updated/created files in all of our 50 state groups for: anti-cruelty laws; state animal shelter licensing requirements; state animal sheltering data reporting requirements; and state spay/neuter requirements for animal shelters.


Onward to May 2021!!!

March 2021

-Assited in finding low-cost TNR spay/neuter options and trap-neuter-return (TNR) assistance in 8 states including PA, CA, MI, GA, OK, IA, FL and NY.

-Continued to advocate on behalf of community cats in two states where TNR attacks are ongoing: PA and MI.

-We stood in support of a wonderful TNR group in OK. They were featured in a local magazine for their work, only to be attacked in the same magazine by a letter to the editor written by an anti-cat biologist. We talked with the publisher on this group's behalf too.

-People in Jordan and Pakistan were interested in starting TNR there and contacted us for assistance. We connected them with rescues and cat groups in operation in their areas for support, assistance and mentoring.

-We received a THANK YOU from someone in Bulgaria who was interested in starting TNR there. We provided a connection to a local group/person and the great news is they are now working together to help our cats!

-We provided guidance on how to educate about TNR.

-We attempted to assist with cats or network to build more cat support 13 times this month (NJ, KY, WI, FL, IA, IL, MI, IN and CA) but sadly we didn't receive any responses here. Its hard to believe everyone missed these attempted contacts so we are not sure why this would happen.

-We grew membership in our state groups by 5% for the first quarter of 2021!

-Our Fixfinder low-cost spay/neuter database now has 900 listings!

January 2021

-Assited in finding low-cost TNR spay/neuter options and trap-neuter-return (TNR) assistance in 11 states including PA, KS, NY, MD, WV, TX, MO, MN, NC, MI and IA.

-Advocated on behalf of community cats in NM where a shelter kills them and in two attacks on them in NY and AZ.

-We ran our daily Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return Series to educate on all aspects of TNR and community cats.

-We worked with Michigan State University in support of a community cat survey.

-Assisted in the start of TNR programs in Egypt and NJ. We also helped two shelters get onboard with TNR - in MI and NJ.

February 2021

-Assited in finding low-cost TNR spay/neuter options and trap-neuter-return (TNR) assistance in 18 states including MN, TX, MD, WI, NY, NC, KS, OH, FL, SC, GA, MI, UT and even Spain!

-We reached out to assist in five more areas but no one responded. We hope that assistance for these cats was found.


-We also helped community cats in other ways in MO and MI.


-We advocate for community cats! This included:


-Working with a large animal group in MI to get TNR ordinances adopted in several suburbs of the Detroit area, This effort is ongoing.


-We are working on compiling a list of MI shelters NOT doing TNR and intend outreach to them.


-We advocated for community cats in NJ, PA and UT. These efforts are also ongoing. NJ has seen several apartment complexes that have been closing crawlspaces and poisoning cats. Boroughs in PA are fining feeders and putting feeding bans in place.


-One TNR program we helped start last fall is now spay/neutering their second and third colonies now!


Our birthday fundraiser on Facebook raised over $500 to help TNR a colony of about 30 community cats in VA. The clinic we worked with had grants available to see that all these cats are fixed! Teamwork!

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