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I had an awful rescue day yesterday.


And the work is truly never ending. One cat. 12 years old declawed escaped owners house. I was helping her trap him and pointing her in the right ways. 6 weeks gone he showed up the night before at 4am. Base of the tail wound. Shock. One million maggots in the wound. The emergency vet here said that it would be an 8 hour wait. I said bring him to me. I can do fluids and clean up the maggots so he can survive the wait. He passed on the table getting fluids. Maggots crawling all over my medical work space. Owner hysterical that he came home just to die.

Not two minutes later. 15 bottle babies walked in with no mothers. Distended bellies. Bloat. They were being fed Friskies with water. No milk. Spoiled cat food gravy all over.

A caretaker trapped his cats for appointments we secured for him. Nice guy. Brought in 6 kittens from the trapping. (I didn't even get through the first 15) all before 9am. I still had 40 other cats to care for the day.  And mothers wanting their kittens. I got through the shelter work and made it back to the kittens spot to trap moms.....too cold to use as bait and the older lady had JUST fed them. She couldn't see the mothers go hungry. Yet the kittens will die without them. I got home at 1am. Pet my animals and fed them. I didn't even eat until 7pm and that was cheese crackers.

Today.....I'll do it all again.

The owners cat who died hugged me on our porch bawling and said that we were the nicest kindest people through it all. It was a long hug...


 The 15 kittens got our special milk I make with growth supplements and probiotics. Good nutritious food. Warm baths and a heating pad. They were content for the first time in a week. The others had their needs met, and were ok.


As much as it is... I wouldn't do it differently. I wouldn't be a different person. Lives were saved. It will always be worth it

-Amanda Coats

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