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Thoughts from a TNR/Rescuer

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Amanda Coats has graciously agreed to join this blog and share her stories, adventures and experience in TNR and rescue!

Amanda has been a rescuer for years. She started in the dog rescue side of things but after she saw a large need for cats who needed saving, she crossed over to the cat TNR realm. Amanda is from the Pittsburgh, PA area where she has become the TNR Expert in the area. She teaches TNR classes for colony caretakers and gives them the resources they need when trappers are highly demanded.

She recently co founded Kitten Scoop, a 501c3 cat and kitten rescue, And even through all of that she was still out there trapping cats and educating the public on why they matter, and why we need to actually see them.

Amanda will tell you she never keeps count of the cats she traps because “it isn’t about the number, it will always be the impact that is important..” So, whether it is a colony of two, or a hundred, she will be there teaching the most humane trapping methods, along with effective colony management. She also writes amazing articles about her experiences that puts you right there in the thick of it.


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