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The Faces of Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) (Post 10/30)

As you look around you see a bright sunny day…the temperature is near perfect, neither too warm nor too cold, and the cats have plenty of food and clean water. They are content to just sit and watch the world go by and enjoy their lives. Then you wake up to reality, a beautiful dream that is shattered when you remember that life is not perfect…oh no, far from it for Community Cats. The weather is rarely perfect, and at this time of year with plummeting temperatures in most of the country with rain, snow and ice...well let’s just say it is a harsh reality for the cats.

As for food, it is almost never abundant, and sometimes it is non-existent with fresh water a rarity. As for shelter, it is wherever they can crawl in to to keep warm and dry. Does this sound like a world you would want for your family? No, of course it doesn’t - but this is what community or feral cats face every day. And, there are still those who simply choose to look the other way...because if you ignore the problem, it just might go away...

Those of us who know the truth try to give the cats a better life, but it takes money and food and time. But most of all, it takes commitment from volunteers to be there to help, and people like YOU to share the need. It is so important for us to educate people about TNVR, because survival for these cats depends on humans doing the right thing.

Please, take a moment and share these cats’ stories with your friends, ask those who would look away to help instead. Make people aware that these cats need our help! Choose to make a difference! Maybe, just maybe then that ‘perfect day’ that was just a dream may indeed become a reality!

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