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One United Voice

One United Voice is a project under Community Cats United, Inc. 

We help and support community cats and companion animals (dogs and friendly cats) as well!

The purpose of this project is to support positive change and facilitate innovative approaches in animal shelter programs and management. Areas of interest include trap neuter return (TNR), community education, standards of care, sharing of thoughts, ideas, lessons learned and paradigms to support change, program transformation and improved care in shelters.

When you join this group, you agree to work together for positive change to our animal shelters. Group members will contribute issues, ideas, program processes that work in the various areas of interest, grants information and how to put a program together to convince shelter management to change/adopt a certain process or try something innovative or new. 

“Many minds and many hands” of group members can generate some great ideas. It is a powerful tool in shelter reform.


We are One United Voice!

JOIN US by clicking the link below!

                One United Voice

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