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          FIXFinder (Companion Animals)

FIXFinder is a project under Community Cats United, Inc

(Trap-Neuter-Return Community). 

There are two issues with trying to increase spay/neuter of community cats and companion animals (friendly cats and dogs) AND funding it.

Issue One: Availability  FIXFinder helps to find low-cost/TNR spay/neuter clinics - vet offices, low cost clinics, mobile units, etc. Access to these places is a key to increasing spay/neuter.

Issue Two: Affordability  finding funding assistance to make spay/neuter happen.

If you believe in the importance of spay/neuter as a way to address overpopulation of community cats and companion animals, we need you to join us in this project.

Even if sharing is all you can contribute, you will be helping more than you realize. Please invite your friends to join FIXFinder too. Strength in Numbers!

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  Our FIXFinder Map

       Shows vets/clinics that do 

     spay/neuter on community cats

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