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What We Did in February 2020

I think our members really don’t understand all that Community Cat United, Inc. and Trap-Neuter-Return Community does. Its difficult to grasp it all because its very different from what we have seen. So, I am going to do a short recap every month that will hopefully give you a better feel for it all!

First, Community Cats United, Inc. has been in existence for about 5 ½ years now. We currently have well over 24000 members and 1000 groups in 115 countries and all 50 US states that are represented here. We are a grassroots network where we believe in Strength In Numbers!

Community Cats United, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit yet we have done next-to-no fundraising. That will change this year as we further launch parts of our Fixfinder spay/neuter project. Fixfinder is working to tear down the obstacles to more spay/neuter of companion animals and community cats – availability (low cost spay/neuter options) and affordability. You can check it out at You will find a searchable database of spay/neuter option listings with well over 90% offering spay/neuter places for community cats. You can also search for clinic specials – such as vaccination clinics, etc.

February 2020

· We re-launched Fixfinder with a different database that offers more options to increase spay/neuters.

· We added 181 new members to Trap-Neuter-Return Community in February 2020.

· We set up a Join Us email option so we can email our Compassion Warriors and spread the news!

· We sent out 29 Certificates of Appreciation to clinics entered into our Fixfinder database that offer community cat Spay/neuter.

· We advocated/educated about community cats in two areas: a) one was in a trailer park in MI. The cats there that were TNR’d and had a caretaker were being threatened. A local group is now involved and things are going well for our cats! And b) is in FL – a large, well-known area that says it supports TNR and yet is allowing trapping in several locations of TNR’d cats. Since this is ongoing, I don’t want to disclose the area yet. After the cats are trapped, they are taken to a high-kill shelter where they will try to find homes. Yes, we all know better. One trailer park has over 200 TNR’d cats being trapped.

· We are also working in MN to find more community cat spay/neuter options outside of Minneapolis/St Paul area. The need is so great. My birthday fundraiser totaled $1,090 for this. We are also working with locals to build a network within the state of areas needing help.

Although this is a short recap, it hopefully gives you a better idea of what Community Cats United, Inc. is busy doing. Let’s do this again for March 2020!

Beth Frank


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