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Support Our Shelter Animals Project - The Animal Shelter By the Bay!

The mission of Bay County Animal Services & Adoption Center is threefold: To deliver with outstanding customer service through:

1) enforcement of animal welfare laws and & ordinances;

2) promotion of humane treatment of animals; and

3) adherence to best practices for the care and re-homing of animals in our care.

Located in Bay City, MI, this municipal (county) shelter took in over 1,200 dogs and cats in 2019. Bay County is located in the mid/central region of Michigan's lower penisula and has a poverty rate of about 15.6% with a population of approxiately 103,000 people. They are funded through the county budget.

Please consider donating through online sources to fill and stock up their needs list. For monetary donations please call them at (989) 894-0679 or contact them on Facebook at:

They are also in need of these shelter beds:

Together we can make a difference for these shelter animals!

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