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Support Our Shelter Animals Project - Michigan

We have all heard of the Pay-It-Forward movements. In this season of giving, we thought this should be extended to our shelter animals too!

We are announcing the launch of our Support Our Shelter Animals Project!

In the coming weeks, we will highlight a few of the animal shelters in Michigan. We will tell you a little about them and include their needs/wish list. We hope you will open your hearts to these shelters and animals and help them with what they need. You can do this by purchasing items online for them or make a donation (details in each post)! Even if you cannot participate in these ways, PLEASE share these posts! The more people that see these, the more the may get helped!

We have selected shelters in Michigan that are smaller, rural or funded by a governmental body. They represent the entire state and are in no particular order. These shelters will be highlighted through the end of the year, once or twice weekly.

Let's start something huge here! Our animal shelters try so hard to help the homeless animals, often times under trying circumstances like now with Covid. Can we show them a little love?

The first shelter will be posted soon!

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